Unlike conventional systems Watson not only analyzes structured information,
it is able to delve into unstructured information (representing about 80% of current information).

Watson not only performs searches for keyword matches,  it analyzes the context and
understands the true intent to extract answers and draw conclusions.


* Unstructured information mostly comprises information that is produced by humans for consumption by other humans; Watson analyzes grammar, context, and culture!

Watson services

Watson services allows us to add cognitive power in a variety of applications to increase knowledge and gain competitive advantage

It allows you to use natural language to automatically respond to users' questions, guide users through processes or applications, or even guide users step by step in difficult tasks.

Natural language interface to automate interactions with end users. It has the ability to be virtual agents and conversation bots that can be integrated and communicated on any channel or device.

Watson is able to hold a conversation and learn from it, not only through chat, but also can speak and interpret the human voice.
It facilitates the decision making taking into account each factor that is important in the decision making.

Tradeoff Analytics is a Watson service that helps people make decisions when balancing multiple objectives.

The service uses a mathematical filtering technique called “Pareto Optimization,” that enables users to explore tradeoffs when considering multiple criteria for a single decision.

  • When your company makes decisions, how many factors need to be considered?
  • What’s the process like?
  • How do you know when you’ve found the best option?
With Tradeoff Analytics, you can avoid lists of endless options and identify the right option by considering multiple objectives.
It performs a cognitive linguistic analysis to identify a series of tones in both levels of phrase and document. This information can then be used to refine and improve communication.

It uses psychology knowledge to identify the traits that determine the buying, intention and behavior decisions.

Personality Insights extracts and analyzes a spectrum of personality attributes to help discover actionable insights about people, and in turn guides end users to highly personalized interactions.

The service outputs personality characteristics that are divided into three dimensions: the Big 5, Values, and Needs.

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